Plant, bloom and come alive again!

Easter represents a resurrection. And whether or not you celebrate the holiday it can be a great opportunity to think about the things in your life you’d like to bring to life or transform. We’ve just recognized the one year mark of the pandemic last month, and are finally seeing a light at the end of this somber tunnel. Many will come out of this experience having made significant changes. Many of us won’t be the same or want the same things. A lot of people have used this period as a time of reflection and growth, where priorities have shifted, and personal vision has been rebirthed.

People are making critical changes in their lives like vowing to be more present and connected, improving their health, changing careers, and blowing the dust off the dreams they’ve had on the back burner. This epidemic has dramatically emphasized the value of our time on earth and pushed some to reach for a life containing more meaning, depth and joy. For some, this extraordinarily intense event has resulted in a rebirth.

So what do you want to transform in your life? What do you want to revisit and revive? How do you want to come alive again? I want to resurrect my passion, creativity, motivation and ability to take risks. When I look back at former versions of myself, though I appreciate the growth in some areas, I miss some of what I feel I’ve left behind. So I’ll be reflecting on what areas of my past I want to bring to life again.

I hope you take a moment to resurrect your dreams, passion and verve for life and experience a personal rebirth. You deserve to be everything you have imagined. Happy Resurrection Day!

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