I’ve really had to work at being intentional about joy. I was raised to be productive and practical, not make happiness a priority. But I believe we deserve more than living to work and pay bills. And now, more than ever, we deserve as much joy and fun as we can find and create. 

What I love about my journey to create more joy in my life is that I’m finding it in very simple forms. From my morning cup of flavored coffee, to sitting in the backyard with a good book listening to my neighbors ducks, I’m purposely indulging in simple pleasures that make me happy. And I’m taking it in, appreciating quality moments that feel good and uplift and maintain my spirit.

Creating joy isn’t something most of us learn to do but over the past year it’s become an essential function of our survival. Our culture is so work driven and accomplishment oriented that being purposeful about fun can feel counterintuitive. I think building joy into our daily lives as a practice would be beneficial to our overall well-being. I would love for the Intention of taking time, every day to do or experience something that opens our spirit and brightens our mood to become a natural part of our culture. 

So the next time you’re making your “to-do” list, maybe try scheduling in something that brings the sun into your heart, and warm your spirit.

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