To say this past presidency was rough is a supreme understatement. The hate, the cruelty, the incompetence, the racism, all front and center from the leader of the United States. These last four years have been a disgusting display of racism in response to a black president. It’s been very hard to watch. But, a new day is here. We have a new President and a WOMAN OF COLOR as Vice President.

It’s incredible, and also a purposeful public response to the white supremacy that has haunted the White House for the last four years. Though I’m sure we’ll be hearing about 45 for a while as his legal issues ensue, it’s time to move forward. It’s time to look ahead to brighter days as a country and as individuals. Though many of us endured painful events last year and experienced profound uncertainty and loss, it’s important to revive our hope that things can and will get better, somehow, some way. It may take a while, and it may take hard work, but we deserve to believe that in time and with faith, the sun will shine and illuminate our lives.

With a new administration as a country we’ve been given a reset. And individually, we deserve to grant ourselves the opportunity to begin again-to dust off old dreams and create new ones. We deserve our own inauguration to ring in a new period of hope and joy.

So I hope you will join me in participating in your own personal inauguration and give yourself the occasion to declare a crisp, new period in your life to honor who you are, move through what you’ve endured and reset the areas of your life that are in need of a fresh start.

As always, be well.

Post Author: Carbon

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