Here we are, hunkered down dealing with a pandemic, something most of us did not foresee happening in our lifetime. It’s stretching us in ways most of us haven’t had to think about. It’s scaring us as well. Scarcity and mortality are things we typically don’t want to consider or deal with. But here we are. Issues of our mortality offer us an opportunity to think. And though there will be moments of fear, anxiety, and sadness, there can also be moments of clarity and space to bloom in new ways. We can decide to do new things and become more of who we’ve always wanted to be but maybe didn’t have the time or motivation for. 

So how will this circumstance impact how you go forward? Is there anything you’d like to be changed at the end of this situation? Are there things you always wanted to learn? Is there anything you always wanted to create? Are there relationships you want to build, repair, or end in honor of your happiness? Though we’ve always known time isn’t infinite, the truth of that has moved in closer.

Though this circumstance is testing our mental health, our will, our belief system, our feelings of safety, and challenging our sense of what is normal, or what will be normal, it is also giving us a reset button. What do you want to reset?

We are in scary times but there is life to be lived, joys to be savored and dreams to be fulfilled. What will be different about who you are and the life you live after will get through this? And we will get through it, somehow. 

As always, wishing you well. And wishing you strength and wishing you peace. Let’s hold on, together.

Post Author: Carbon

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