With recent events, we’re experiencing a state of uncertainty. This can be very hard. Uncertainty can be at the very least, unnerving. All sorts of questions and scenarios can run through one’s mind. But there’s one thing we must also remember, life is always uncertain, and we get through it.

I’ve experienced countless periods in my life where things felt uncertain and unresolved – like answers were out of reach. And no matter what I did, it didn’t seem to change anything, nothing moved, at least not all at once. But in looking back, everything I did got me one step closer to a resolution. The wait, however, was uncomfortable. 

Waiting for a solution or an answer can be hard and sometimes scary. Feeling helpless in a difficult circumstance sometimes feels worse than the situation itself. But we’re never completely helpless, even if all we can do is decide to be at peace. Choosing peace is taking action.

Know that everything you do gets you one step closer to a resolution. It may look different than you thought, but every action, no matter how small counts. So if at times choosing peace is the only thing you can do, know that it’s a powerful step to take.

As always, stay well.


Post Author: Carbon

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