Everyone needs alone time now and then – the “me time” that refreshes us and brings us back to our center. Our brains and bodies need downtime, quiet time and solitude. Being intentional about spending time with yourself is one of the best ways you can practice self care. It allows you to relax, go inward and be your own best company. Often our brains and bodies know when we need alone time before we actually realize it.

When we feel irritable, exhausted, angry or just out of sorts, it could be a significant signal that we need alone time. We take in and process so much information every day from people, social media, the news and our environment that we need time to decompress from all of that and breathe, by ourselves.

If you’re feeling mentally and emotionally crowded, maybe some alone time is just what you need. Here’s a helpful article from Healthline, “5 Signs My Body and Brain Are Begging For Alone Time”, to help you determine if some solitude would do you good.

As always, be well.

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