I recently backed out of something I really didn’t feel like doing. I’d felt obligated to go through with it for fear of being deemed irresponsible. After I decided not to move forward I felt like I wanted someone to say my decision was ok. I wanted someone to give me permission to back out of this thing I wasn’t interested in doing. Then, I told myself it was ok. I told myself I don’t have to be 100% “responsible” all the time. I don’t have to be the one who always follows the rules. I value my word but as long as I do it respectfully I also have the right to change my mind. I can give myself permission to do that. Maybe it’s time to give yourself permission too. 

Do some things you want to do, or back out of some things you’re not interested in. Say the things you want to say. Make the decisions you want to make without waiting on someone else to validate you. Remember, you can always validate yourself. Always. You can tell yourself it’s ok to do things and make decisions that make you happy, give you peace and leave you lighter.

Many of us have been concerned with what others will think, or of the fallout of our decisions. It’s a natural fear. Sometimes ideas stick with us – ideas of who we are, or who we should be, according to someone else’s perspective. Other people’s opinions or expectations of us can be hard to shake. They often ingrained in us in our childhoods. But you deserve to make the decisions for your life and your happiness. And that’s it.

So, if you find yourself in a situation where you’d like to go in a certain direction but are afraid of perceptions and possible consequences, ask yourself if those things really matter in the end, or if those supposed consequences will even happen. Then ask yourself if having loyalty to yourself and your needs is what really matters in the end. If the answer is “Yes,” then give yourself permission to go your own way.

As always, be well. 

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