If you’ve been considering getting a new job, the thought alone can cause stress. Just thinking about everything you have to do to prepare, like updating your resume, perusing and applying to job listings, and the other dreaded n-word, networking, can stop you from making necessary moves. But if you’re unhappy in your job, or whether you’ve simply outgrown it, you owe it to yourself to find a better situation on your terms.

Kathy Bernard, a dynamic career coach, LinkedIn expert, and public speaker has put together a comprehensive list of 18 tips to keep in mind and snag that new gig.


Take a look below:


1) Decide if your work situation is really that bad or if you are letting a fixable problem fester. Too often I see angry, upset people destroy their own employment, losing income and benefits. Instead, leave strategically.

2) List what’s good and bad about your job and tally it up. Does the good outweigh the bad? Then stick with it and improve the situation. If the bad outweighs the good or if you feel you could lose your job soon …

3) Commit to a stealth, but highly active, job search that won’t jeopardize your current employment. During the workday, exude pleasant professionalism that gives no clue that you are job hunting.

4) Pursue a healthy passion outside of work, which could be anything you enjoy, to free your mind from job drama and negativity.

5) Complete an action plan to determine the job you want and how to land it.

6) Strengthen your skills and fix weaknesses by taking classes, watching videos, studying tutorials, etc. Improve interviewing / negotiating skills through WiserU.

Read the rest of the informative list here, and learn more about Kathy Bernard and her expert career advice at wiserutips.com

Now, take care of yourself, and go get that better job!

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