For Black History Month Carbon has been featuring black creativity. The wealth of creativity in the black community is boundless. Black people are the most ingenious, resourceful creators and drivers of culture of all time. Our music, art, literature, style and innovations are prolific. Black authors have produced some of the most significant works in literature including Toni Morrison, Nella Larsen, James Baldwin and Zadie Smith to name a few. The new talent that is developing is creating stories and literary journeys that transport, strengthen, inform and inspire the mind and soul. I recently became aware of a young award-winning writer artist and musician, Morgan Harper Nichols, on Instagram.

Words are powerful and Nichols blesses the world with transformative, provocative and soul-stirring expression. She even uses her gift of words as an act of service by writing special passages specifically for those who request a tailored, uplifting post.

I have found her posts to be particularly comforting in times of uncertainty. Nichols has a way of authentically tapping into one’s fears, insecurities and troubled emotions while simultaneously reassuring the reader that everything will be okay. Much of her work also reminds one that the inevitable peaks and valleys in life ultimately build a resilient and expanded soul.

Check out a few of Nichols’ profound Instagram posts below, and visit her website for more beautiful words. And you can check out and follow her on Instagram here



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