Welcome to Carbon, a new digital platform for the black community offering content focusing on well-being, emotional health, resilience and life strategies. Content will be created by professional writers, experts – including therapists and executive coaches, celebrity contributors and members of the Carbon community who wish to share their stories of transformation and triumph. Carbon aims to build personal power in the black community.

I created Carbon because I want life enhancing content that is a reflection of myself and my community and speaks to our collective and vast experience. Though I enjoy the life enhancing content found on other destinations, there hasn’t been a therapeutic digital space solely dedicated to the black community. 

Why Carbon?

Carbon, the sixth element and the Latin word for charcoal is a key component of all known life on earth, which represents the black community’s ubiquitous and pervasive influence on world culture. It is also one of the most versatile elements, representing our unique and multifaceted ingenuity. And lastly, Carbon is one of the strongest elements, and a particle of the most durable material known to man, Carbyne, which represents the strength and resilience of the black community in the face of perpetual massive oppression.

We deserve more: more peace, more clarity, more contentment, more love, more choices, more inner strength, and more joy. We are a beautiful, talented, creative, driven and powerful people. There is no limit to our potential. And we deserve a space that nurtures us, supports us, and connects us.

Please join me on this new journey as I build Carbon into the premiere digital space for the black community to share, grow, heal and thrive.

Post Author: Wendy Todd

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